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Component Parts For Conveyors

Replacement Parts

Plastic Products can provide bottling and packaging centers with replacement parts for packers, uncasers, fillers, and cappers such as star wheels, profiles, cams, or sprockets for a variety of equipment. Our plastic components are USDA/FDA approved. Our material handling system parts are made from UHMW-PE which offers a unique combination of advantages not found in other materials. UHMW-PE will help eliminate corrosion and reduce noise, abrasion and wear. Call or fax us your drawings today. 

Here are examples of parts we make from your drawings or samples: 

Star Wheels 
Plastic Products can produce conveyer star wheels to your drawings, 
out of any material. 

Plastic Products can run your cams on our router. We can quickly 
get you back on track 

Plastic Products Inc.'s plastic sprockets are available in USDA/FDA 
approved materials, thus the sprockets are safe for applications involving 
food or pharmaceutical processing and packaging. Most roller chain sprockets are available in "A" plate, "B" hub, or "C" hub styles. "B" hubs are made with either plastic or bolt on metal hubs. For those applications where a metal hub is required, Plastic Products can provide these in steel or stainless steel. Non-standard or custom sized sprockets are also available including 
square bores, snap ring and grease grooves, special cutouts, and special 
tooth dimensions. Plastic Products can fabricate the products from several 
materials including nylon, acetal, TFE, polypropylene, PVC, UHMW-PE, and Peek. 

Our Raceways and tracks are machined from USDA/FDA approved UHMW-PE in a variety of configurations from 45 to 90 degree corner runners to straight track up to 20 feet in length. Some applications require non- standard sizes or materials. We can do anything you can draw from almost any material. We offer UHMW (natural and with oil and ceramic fills 
cross-linked, and/or anti-static) 

Profiles  See Photos of lots of Profiles 
Plastic Products offers a vast selection of standard and custom 
extrusions and machined profiles. Call or fax your drawing today. 

Vacuum Tables 
We have provided several large tables and many small tables to the 
conveyer industry. Used in water removal and drying, we offer these parts 
in all materials, machined to your specs. 

Chain Guides (click here for more chain guide examples)
UHMW plastic chain guides are well suited for industrial 
applications where conveyer chain is used. Plastic Products chain guide minimizes expensive chain wear and reduces friction. Our chain guides are normally provided in 10 feet section for the following ASA chains:  2040, 2050, 2060, 2080, 2100, and 2120. We also offer these with a metal backing. 

Flanged Pillow Blocks - Including Split Pillow and Split Block Bearings Tough and corrosion resistant, these pillow blocks are the perfect choice for use in chemically active environments. They're self-lubricating with a low coefficient of friction, plus they withstand high impact and severe abrasion. Great for wet and sanitary environments where continuous performance and minimal maintenance is required. Pillow blocks are made of FDA approved UHMW polyethylene. They are interchangeable with most conventional flanged pillow blocks. We have more than 50 standard bearing sizes in stock.