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Fabrication Capabilities & 
Manufacturing of Custom Parts

As a manufacturer of custom-engineered parts, Plastic Products has become a prime source for many of the nation's leading manufacturers.  Plastic products has more than one hundred thousand blueprints of parts designs archived on our computer systems.  We can also provide you with computerized resin information systems with engineering information on more than eleven thousand grades of plastic.  Plastic Products' technical representatives have the know-how, the experience and the desire to help you make a better product...and a bigger profit. 
But that's not all.  Plastic Products offers custom and prototype machining, CNC milling, CAD/CAM drawings, injection mold design, thermoplastic welding and comveyor sub-system design. 

Plastic Products operates an advanced and complete fabrication facility available for custom work.  Our CNC machining center specialize in close-tolerence, cost-effective parts. 

Here are the processes we routinely perform:
Milling Routing Assembly Sheering
Turning Molding Stamping Slitting
Drilling Edge Finishing Punching Threading
Cutting Boring Bending Silk Screening
Polishing Welding Cementing Sanding
Forming Grinding Laminating Machining

To view some photos which show our fabrication and parts manufacturing skills
>click here.