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Plastic Products offers an extensive line of plastic materials and has complete facilities for plastic molding, machining & fabrication.  In short, we can be your complete source for nearly anything plastic and can further assist you with our manufacturing expertise. Please allow us the opportunity to quote your requests. 

Technical Product Data Sheets
Noryl(polyphenylylene oxide, modified) Noryl, due to its inherent chemical composition, exhibits unusually low moisture absorption.  Therefore, good electrical insulating properties are realized over a wide range of humidity and temperature.  Chemical attack from water, most salt solutions, acids, and bases is also minimal with Noryl.  The addition of glass fiber reinforcement enhances both the mechanical and thermal properties of the basic Noryl material. 

Typical Values
Physical Properties ASTM Test Method Units Noryl
Density D792 lbs/cu in3 0.0564
Water absorption, 24 hours, 73F (23C) D570 % 0.20
Mechanical Properties ASTM Test Method Units Noryl
Specific Gravity D792 g/cu cm.3 1.06
Tensile Strength at break, 73 F D638 psi 9,600
Tensile Modulus, 73F D638 psi 3.5 X 105
Elongation at break, 73 F D638 % 30
Flexural Strength, 73 F D790 psi 13,500
Flexural Modulus, 73F D790 psi 3.6 X 105
Izod Impact Strength, Notched, 73F D256 ft-lbs/in. 5.0
Rockwell Hardness D785 ---- R119
Coefficient of friction @ 40psi, 50 fpm ---- Static/Dynamic 0.32/0.39
Thermal Properties ASTM Test Method Units Noryl
Heat Deflection @ 264 psi D648 F 265
Vicat Softening Temperature ---- F 310
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion D696 in./in./F 3.3 X 10-5
Applicable Temp. Range for Thermal Expansion ---- F 0 - 140
Max. Serving Temperature for Long Term ---- F 220
Flammability UL94 ---- V-1
Electrical Properties ASTM Test Method Units Noryl
Volume Resistivity,  73F D257 ohm-cm 1017
Dielectric Constant @ 60 Hz, (73F, 50% RH) D150 ---- 2.7
Dissipation Factor @ 60 Hz, 73F D150 ---- 0.001
Dielectric Strength D149 V/mil 500

Material Availability:

    Rods:  Length:  10 feet 
                Diameters 1/4" to 6" 
    Plates: 1/4" to 2" thickness inclusive are 24 X 48 inches 
                 2 1/4" to 4" thickness inclusive are 12 X 48 inches 
    Profiles, tubes and special sizes are custom-produced on request
This information is only to assist and advise you on current technical knowledge and is given without obligation or liability.  All trade and patent rights should be observed.  All rights reserved.



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