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Technical Product Data Sheets


Lub-Re-Lese is a new type of cast nylon produced by addition of a special oil to the polymer structure.

By laboratory test it was proven that this second-generation oil-filled product dramatically reduces friction in comparison to cast nylon. This means that Lub-Re-Lese is particularly well suited for sliding parts under high load and increased speed.

The specific advantages of Lub-Re-Lese over standard cast nylon 6 are as follows:

  • High degree of self-lubrication.
  • Low static coefficient of friction.
  • Low dynamic coefficient of friction.
  • Reduced heat buildup.
  • Reduced wear and enormously increased part life due to less heat buildup in the area of friction.
  • Reduced moisture absorption (about 5% for Lub-Re-Lese vs. 6-7% for cast nylon).
  • Increased dimensional stability.

Lub-Re-Lese features a homogeneous distribution of the lubricating oil during polymerization. Therefore, the improved sliding properties remain, even after machining and part wear.

Lubrelese is the ideal material for textile machinery components where contamination by external lubrication has to be avoided, and for gears where external lubrication is insufficient.

When using additional lubricants with Lub-Re-Lese, the external lubrication influences the coefficient of friction to a very high degree. It can be reduced to 0.05. Consequently, the p.v. value may be increased. The advantages of the integrated lubrication of Lub-Re-Lese are particularly noticeable when there is a combination of static and dynamic friction, especially when external lubrication is insufficient or impossible.

Lubrelese is supplied in yellow color for easy identification.

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