UHMW (Polyethylene)

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Technical Product Data Sheets

UHMWPE (ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene)

UHMWPE is a linear, low-pressure, Ziegler-type-catalyst, polyethylene resin. Its weight-average molecular weight of 4 X 106 is approximately ten times that of high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins. UHMWPE has both he highest abrasion resistance and highest impact strength of any plastic. In fact, a 25mm (1″) thick slap can stop a 0.38 caliber pistol slug at 150 mm (6″). Combined with abrasion resistance and toughness, the low coefficient of friction of UHMWPE yields a self-lubricating, non-stick surface. Static and dynamic coefficients are significantly lower than steel and most plastic materials.

Typical Values


Physical Properties ASTM Test Method Units UHMWPE
Density D792 gm/cm3 0.926 – 0.934
Water absorption,  D570 % Nil
Mechanical Properties ASTM Test Method Units UHMWPE
Tensile Strength at yield D638 MPa (ksi) 21 (3.1)
Tensile Strength at break D638 MPa (ksi) 48 (7.9)
Elongation at break D638 % 350
Young’s Modulus At 23°C (73°F)
At -40°C (-450°F)
GPa (106 psi)
GPa (106 psi)
0.69 (0.10)
0.69 (0.10)
Izod Impact StrengthAt 23°C (73°F)
At -40°C (-450°F)
D256 (a)
D256 (a)
kJ/m (ft. lb/in.) Notch
kJ/m (ft. lb/in.) Notch
0.691.6 (30)
1.1 (21)
Hardness, Shore D D2240 —- 62 – 66
Abrasion Resistance —- —- 100
Relative solution viscosity D4020 dL/g 2.3 – 3.5
Thermal Properties ASTM Test Method Units UHMWPE
Crystalline melting range, powder Polarizing Microscope °C (°F) 138 – 142 
(280 – 289)
Coefficient of Linear Expansion see lines below
  At 20 to 100°C
  (68 to 212°F)
D696 10-4 / K 2
  At -200 to -100°C
  (-330 to -150°F)
D696 10-4 / K 0.5
Electrical Properties ASTM Test Method Units UHMWPE
Volume Resistivity D257 ohm-cm 5 X 1014
Dielectric Strength D149 —- 2.7
Dielectric Constant D150 —- 0.001
Dissipation Factor see lines below
At 50 Hz D150 X 104 1.9
At 1 kHz D150 X 104 0.5
At 0.1 MHz D150 X 104 2.5
Surface resistivity, wt % carbon black see lines below
0.2% for color D257 ohm 1014
2.5% for UV protection D257 ohm 1013
6.5% for antistatic applications D257 ohm 105
16.7% for conductive applications D257 ohm 103

Material Availability:

Rods: Diameters 1/4″ to 18″ thickness
Plates: 0.10 inch to 6 inch thickness inclusive, 48 X 120 inches

Profiles, tubes and special sizes are available on request

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